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posted by: Deluxe Inn Toronto on: September 27, 2019

Image by: Pixabay

The Toronto Soup Festival comes to Toronto city this October 19th and 20th. 

You're invited 

Taste some of the best homemade soups and unique recipes at this year's Toronto Soup Festival. It wouldn't be Fall if there wasn't something to remind you that the flavor of pumpkin is here! You'll have the chance to sample many delicious soups including classics like (you guessed it) pumpkin, pea, tomato, broccoli, asparagus, along with many unique recipes our local chefs have cooked up. Not a soup lover? Don't worry! This event is all ages and all food palates. Food vendors will be serving up various sides including sandwiches, specialty breads, and plenty of baked goods. 

Tickets, Location & More 

An acoustic band will be serenading you in the background while you and your family, friends and loved ones mingle by a fire. The soup festival is open to all ages and tickets cost $15 per person and can be bought on the Toronto Soup Festival website. This year's soup festival will be hosted at Garrison Common located on 100 Garrison Road, Toronto, ON.

Don't miss your chance to book with our Deluxe Inn Toronto hotel on your next visit to Toronto. Our central location makes sure you're close to all the great shopping centers and attractions in Toronto city. This includes a short 12-minute drive to Garrison Common where the soup festival is hosted.