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posted by: Deluxe Inn Toronto on: June 15, 2019

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Soon to be an annual event; the Carribean Carnival comes to Toronto this July to bring you an unforgettable experience.


Help Make History

This year's carnival is a mixture of Carribean culture including music, dance, food and of course the carnival itself. This tradition is shared across many Latin American and Central American countries but originated in Trinidad and Tobago when French settlers inspired the tradition by hosting a masquerade party. Ultimately, this tradition has brought many cultures and people together to celebrate with one and other. While many countries and cities around the world partake in this celebration; this will be Toronto's first time hosting the event.


What to Expect

Carnival celebrations vary from culture to culture but the Toronto Carnival is here to appreciate all things Carribean. This includes Carribean music, dance, food, and costume. This event will be open to all ages to attend and those who choose to dress up and welcome to join the parade. The best part is, this is an all free event. The celebration begins July 9, 2019, from 12pm-2pm at Nathan Phillips Square in City Hall.

Deluxe Inn Toronto is a 30-minute drive to Nathan Phillips Square where this year's Carnival will be hosted. Booking with our hotel not only ensures you great location but you'll have access to our many amenities and helpful staff on hand. Our suites give you a combination of luxury and comfort without having to break your budget. We hope you enjoy your visit to our beautiful city!